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  • The ultimate guide for concealed carry.
  • Learn how to carry and draw a pistol for self-defense.
  • Practice and follow along at home.
  • Designed for anyone wanting to conceal carry.
  • Perfect for anyone with a Texas LTC, getting their LTC, or just wanting to conceal carry

    The LTC class teaches laws and regulations for Texas. This class teaches how to actually carry a gun for self-defense

  • Drawing from a concealed holster

    Learn how to draw your handgun from a concealed holster in an effective and safe way

  • Dry fire practice - skill development

    Find how you can practice at home and develop your conceal carry abilities

  • Learn how to select the proper equipment

    From handguns and holsters to belts and shirts, learn how to select the proper equipment to carry concealed.

  • Take the class from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

    Works on all modern devices with internet access

  • Immediate class access after registration and lifetime course access

  • Certificate of Completion

    Earn an official certificate of completion once the course is finished.

LTC Austin IWB

The Concealed Carry Fundamentals online class was designed for everyone that wants to carry a handgun for self-defense. We walk you through the process of selecting the proper equipment for concealed carry, show you how to carry your gun, and lastly, teach how to properly and safely draw your gun from a concealed holster.

This is not a Texas License to Carry class. The Texas License to Carry class does not teach you how to carry a gun. Or how to draw from a holster. This class covers what the Texas LTC class lacks. 

It is highly recommended to take both the LTC class and this Concealed Carry Fundamentals class. These two classes complement each other and together, they provide extensive information on carrying a handgun for self-defense.

Course Content

Pistol Selection
Different sizes and styles of concealed carry pistols are discussed and demonstrated.
Holster Selection
Holster selection is just as important as choosing the pistol to carry. Learn about different holster styles and the differences between them.
Belt Selection
An often overlooked piece of equipment that is important to effective and comfortable concealed carry is the belt. We discuss different belt types and what to look for.
On-Body Carry Locations
There are various locations around the body that you can choose to carry a handgun from. Learn which provide the most advantages and what is recommended.
Off-Body Carry Locations
When carrying on-body is not an option, sometimes carrying off-body (in a bag or backpack for example) is the only possible option. Learn how to do this safely and properly.
Other EDC Items
Being prepared for a self-defense situation means more than just carrying a handgun. Learn what other equipment should be carried as well.
How to Draw from Concealment
Follow the detailed demonstrations for learning how to actually draw your handgun from a concealed holster.
Dry Fire Drills
Seeing how to draw from concealment is only part of the training. The next step is practicing on your own. Through dry fire drills, learn how to safely practice on your own at home.
Mindset and Situational Awareness
Being mentally prepared for a self-defense situation and having the right mindset is crucial. Learn how you can be more prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this class and the License to Carry class?

The Texas License to Carry class and this Art of Concealment class are two very different classes that work to accomplish one primary goal: to safely and effectively carry a handgun for self-defense.


Being a state mandated course to get an LTC, the License to Carry class is tightly regulated by Texas DPS and primarily covers states laws and regulations surrounding gun ownership and self-defense in Texas.


The Art of Concealment class was developed as a “next step” class for individuals wanting to carry a handgun. It goes into detail on equipment selection and how to actually carry the handgun in a concealed holster. The material taught is extremely valuable information and is, unfortunately, often overlooked by individuals that want to carry for self-defense.

Do I need a Texas LTC for this class to be beneficial?

Absolutely not. Whether you have an LTC, are looking to get one, or simply carry under permitless carry law, this class will be extremely beneficial. 


If you are thinking about carrying a handgun concealed, or maybe you already do but need guidance with your draw and gear, then this course will have information and teach skills you need to know.

Can I follow along at home with my handgun?

Absolutely! Following all of the safety rules and guidelines described in the class, we encourage everyone to follow along with their own handgun and holster. 


You can also watch the equipment selection sections, and after purchasing a concealed carry holster, come back to the practical practice sections and follow along with your equipment.

How long is the class?

The class is broken up into short videos, but the total class length is 2 hours and 23 minutes.


By default, you have 6 months to complete the class. If you need more time to go through the course, just let us know.

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19 reviews
Very informative and well presented
Juan G.
Great examples and concise and clear instruction. Recommended to any gun owner.
Carla N.
Wonderful training must do this if your going to carry great instructor easy to follow and very fast class
Brittni V.
Paul F.
As for the course content, it was excellent. Didn’t leave out much, if any. Very clearly and calmly presented.
James M.
I learned a lot.
Presenter seems too focused on his favored appendix carry position to the exclusion of pretty much all other options.
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Eric has over 19 years of law enforcement experience and is a full time firearms and tactics instructor for a large police department in Texas.  He is the lead instructor for the department’s cadet curriculum and holds certifications in multiple less lethal force options and is a certified instructor for active shooter response.

He is a founding member of his department’s marksmanship team and holds Master Class rankings in both USPSA and IDPA and multiple Grand Master rankings in SCSA.  Eric is an avid competitor and is the Match Director for the largest Law Enforcement / Military multigun shooting competition in the country.  

When he is not on the range Eric enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family and building custom furniture.

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